My name is Beth and I like wearing boots! I like to test gardening advice and methods and thought that maybe other gardeners might be interested in what I’ve found out.

I have been gardening all my life and growing vegetables for two years. My vegetable plot is a small one. I have three, self made, raised beds measuring just over 1 square metre each and an assortment of pots.

“The success of my garden is built on the compost of my failures.” – Jimmy Turner, director of gardens at Dallas Arboretum

I am by no means an expert. I have been keeping notes on my gardening success and failures for the past few years and thought that other gardeners could benefit from my hindsights.

I will strive to make this blog about my personal experiences and make it clear where I include advice from other sources including links.

I also note that as I am not a trained expert you may need to seek professional advice before starting landscaping projects, I simply want to share my projects to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I have made.

My experiments are not done under scientific conditions and you may find your own results vary.

“The only thing that two gardeners ever agree on is what the third gardener does wrong.” – Tony Avent, garden writer


Do you have any home remedies you want tested, helpful advice or findings of your own?  Then please feel free to contact me